“Better Than Sex” Cake

Okay, I really didn’t name it that, someone else did a long time ago….I did however make several  changes to the original recipe and I think you’re going to love them…..Great recipe, easy to make and would be fantastic for “Valentine’s Day”…Here’s the recipe…

Better Than Sex Cake


1 German chocolate or other chocolate cake baked, 2 8” pans

¾ cup raspberry or chocolate fudge topping

¾ cup butterscotch/caramel topping

¾ cup sweetened condensed milk

Chocolate covered toffee bits


1 package instant chocolate pudding

1 pint heavy cream

1 cup milk


  1. Bake cake according to directions for a two layer cake. Remove cake from pans and place on a wire rack.  Cut out a piece of parchment paper to fit layer cake pans.  Place paper on bottom of cake pan and place cooled cake on top of paper.
  2. Make holes in the entire top of the two cakes using the handle of a wooden spoon.
  3. Poor (one at a time) raspberry/chocolate, butterscotch/caramel and condensed milk over top of the cakes and let each flavor soak in before adding the next.
  4. In a medium sized mixing bowl add all frosting ingredients and beat using a hand mixer until thick.
  5. Place one of the layers on a cake dish and frost with 1/3 of the frosting.  Sprinkle frosting with toffee bits.  Place second layer over toffee bits and frost the top of the cake.
  6. Drizzle more caramel sauce on top of cake.
  7. Sprinkle toffee bits on top.